Vinnova partners with Swedish companies to fund digitalisation projects

13 Jun 2023 | Network Updates | Update from Vinnova
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In the spring of 2023, the government commissioned Vinnova to increase efforts within the research and innovation program Advanced digitalisation. Up to and including 2027, Vinnova will invest at least SEK 2.3 billion in project that contribute to developing powerful digital solutions in Sweden that give Swedish industry a leading role in the world.

The funding in the granted projects must be matched by the business community with at least equivalent sums. This means that the program, which is a partnership between Vinnova, Teknikföretagen, ABB, Ericsson and Saab, will become one of Sweden's largest innovation programs.

Starting in June 2023, a series of exciting calls for proposals are offered in everything from advanced artificial intelligence to deeptech and gender equality in industry. The investments in 2023 will have a total budget of SEK 1.4 billion, of which almost half is financed by Vinnova.

In addition, international investments and collaborations are strengthened, for example within the EU's framework program for research and innovation - Horisont Europa and the international program for market-close industrial innovation projects - Eureka cluster. Even individual project such as Expert learning lab, a cross-organizational center for expert learning in industry and Cybercampus Sverige, a hub for education, research and innovation in cyber security, will receive increased funding.

- Our welfare, safety and competitiveness depend on us succeeding in restructuring society within the limits of the planet and in a socially sustainable and safe way. A Swedish industry in a leading position is crucial for that success, and in order to be at the forefront, we must invest in competence, infrastructure and in the research and experimental activities required to find the solutions. We already have 90 project underway within Advanced digitalisation, which together have a turnover of one billion kroner, and we are very much looking forward to working with this important shift phase together, says Darja Isaksson director general at Vinnova.

The calls for proposals within Advanced digitalisation are made within technology areas prioritized by the program. They are aimed at actors who, in cooperation, can contribute to developing advanced system solutions and the abilities required to benefit from them - and thereby strengthen the international competitiveness of Swedish industry. It is about research and innovation in emerging key technologies and system solutions, but also about project in competence provision, learning and experience exchanges that increase the industry's ability to benefit from technological development. As a rule, Vinnova's funding in the granted projects must be co-financed with equal sums from the business community.

Current calls for proposals within Advanced digitalisation

At the moment, only three of the eight current the calls for proposals have been published. Keep an eye on this page, or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updated information on all offers.

This article was first published on 12 June by Vinnova.

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