Vinnova announces new investments in transportation R&D

16 Feb 2023 | Network Updates | Update from Vinnova
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The pace of development of future transport solutions needs to increase. The cooperation program FFI is now opening four thematic calls for proposals for faster conversion to sustainable road transports.

The transformation of the transport system and the automotive industry is crucial both for Sweden's competitiveness and for a sustainable society. FFI now has thematic calls for proposals within four different sub-programmes with a combined budget of just over SEK 200 million. There is an opportunity to seriously accelerate the transition to a sustainable road transport system, says Sofia Wieselfors, new program manager for FFI (Vehicle Strategic research and Innovation).

The needs and challenges facing the transport sector and society require a system perspective and innovation in different ways than before.

- In addition to new technology and more complex systems, we see that tomorrow's challenges require new collaborations and joint solutions between industries and sectors. Here I see that FFI as an actor and platform both can and must play an important role, says Sofia Wieselfors.

Thematic calls for proposals for sustainable road transport

FFI has offers from four sub-programmes with a combined budget of just over SEK 200 million. The last application date for all calls for proposals is March 28.


To minimize climate and environmental impact from a life cycle perspective and strengthen sustainability through the entire value chain connected to the development, manufacture and decommissioning of vehicles.
Read more about the call for proposals Circularity

Zero emissions

To develop and integrate fossil-free and electrified vehicles with its charging and refueling infrastructure and users, thereby reducing the impact on the climate and environment of the automotive sector.
Read more about the call for proposals Zero emissions

Traffic safe automation

To increase traffic safety and make transportation more sustainable through secure connected automated vehicles prepared for shared use.
Read more about the call for proposals Traffic-safe automation

Transport and mobility services

To develop innovative services and transport solutions that contribute to streamlining vehicle use and parts of or entire transport systems.
Read more about the call for proposals Transport and mobility services

Upcoming information meetings

Do you want to know more about these offers from FFI and how you can contribute to the transition towards sustainable road transport? You are warmly welcome to participate in Teams meetings, where you will receive information about the direction of the respective call for proposals and the opportunity to ask questions. The meeting links can be found on the respective announcement page.

  • 21 February at 09.00, Traffic-safe automation
  • February 27 at 11 a.m., Transport and mobility services
  • February 28 at 2 p.m., Zero emissions
  • March 1 at 10 a.m., Circularity
  • March 16 at 11 a.m., Transport and mobility services

This is FFI

FFI, Vehicle strategic research and innovation, is a collaboration between the state (Energymyndigheten, Trafikverket, Vinnova) and the automotive industry (AB Volvo, FKG, Scania CV AB, Volvo Car Group).

Every year, FFI finances research and development activities for approximately one billion kroner, with the state accounting for half of the funding. The money goes exclusively to research, innovation and development, with a focus on climate, environment and safety.

FFI makes a difference by driving road transport innovations for a sustainable society. The vision is that Sweden leads the global transition to sustainable road transport.

This article was first published on 15 February by Vinnova.

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