University of Eastern Finland and Ferring Ventures to continue collaboration in gene and cell therapy research

25 Nov 2021 | Network Updates

University of Eastern Finland has established a new research collaboration agreement with Ferring Ventures.

The research collaboration agreement is in the field of gene and cell therapy, and it will strengthen the development and production of new gene therapy vectors. Both parties have a sustained competence base in the development of gene therapy-based products, and their collaboration, which dates back to the early 2000s, has led to several clinical trials with different gene therapy medicines, among other things.

Ferring Ventures SA is owner of both Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) Oy and Finvector Oy located in Kuopio, Finland. The research collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland is strongly focused on the National Virus Vector Laboratory at A.I Virtanen Institute in the Faculty of Health Sciences. This scientific collaboration is in both parties’ interests, as novel research findings relying on the university’s broad and strong infrastructure can be rapidly advanced through business collaboration.

According to Professor Jussi Pihlajamäki, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Eastern Finland, long-term university-business collaboration has made it possible for the university to, e.g., develop state-of-the-art production methods for gene therapy, and it has also strengthened the university’s profile and competitiveness to succeed in the EU’s and ERDF’s calls for funding.

“Ferring Ventures values the long collaboration with University of Eastern Finland. We look forward continuing collaboration between KCT, Finvector Oy and university to develop and manufacture advanced gene and cell therapy solutions for unmet clinical needs in number of new projects in the coming years.” said Jean-Frederic Paulsen, Chairman of the Board for Ferring Ventures SA in the signing event today in Kuopio.

For more information:

Principal Investigator Petri Mäkinen, petri.makinen (a)

Scientific Director Tuija Kekarainen, Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy Oy,  tuija.kekarainen (a) 

The A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences is a research institute that responds to the global health challenges created by the aging of the population and changes in lifestyle by focusing on the research of cardiovascular and brain diseases.

Ferring Ventures is an investment and development holding company supporting the research, development, manufacturing and commercialisation of ground-breaking innovative technologies in the fields of gene and cell therapies.

Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) Oy performs high-quality basic and translational research to develop advanced gene and cell therapies.

FinVector is a world leader in R&D and cGMP manufacturing of viral-based gene therapy products. From the cutting-edge fully-licensed GMP manufacturing facilities in Kuopio, Finland, FinVector has built and extensive pipeline of gene therapy products and technologies. FinVector is authorised under EMA for the production of gene therapy products for clinical and commercial supply.

This article was first published on 22 November by UEF.

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