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KU Leuven responds to allegations of scientific misconduct

KU Leuven has received allegations against one of its researchers regarding possible infringements of scientific integrity. The Commission on Scientific Integrity (CWI) at KU Leuven is looking into the matter.

KU Leuven takes the allegations very seriously, as it always does when scientific integrity is at stake. The follow-up is in the hands of the Commission on Scientific Integrity (CWI) at KU Leuven, which is now examining the allegations and will issue a recommendation on all papers that have been flagged as potentially problematic.

“Scientific integrity is our line of life and is essential to upholding the image of science as a reliable source of information," says Rector Luc Sels. "Integrity is a core value of our University and the policy on this matter is high on the agenda. When there is even the slightest doubt about someone's scientific integrity, we, as a University, have to take our responsibility. That means our first step is always to examine each report with great care. Such an analysis demands time and patience. As such, we cannot make further statements at this stage of the investigation. However, should it become clear that there is, indeed, an issue, we intend to communicate clearly and openly about it, all the while respecting the researcher’s privacy and rights of defence.” 

This article was first published 5 December 2019 by KU Leuven.

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