JST Connect Webinar: The JST-Mirai Program: Innovative R&D for the future (Part III on 1/24, Part IV on 1/27)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of cooperation in overcoming crises. At JST, a funding agency focused on human well-being for all, we are more than ever convinced that global-level solutions are necessary to tackle the immense challenges that await us.

In October 2020 JST started a series of webinars to bring JST’s wide range of activities closer to international stakeholders in Japan and beyond. This time, in the seventh and eighth editions, we will introduce six projects from the JST-Mirai Program scaled up from feasibility studies to full R&D projects through stage-gate evaluation. We will hear from project leaders about their research into a next-generation aquaculture system, direct dynamic wireless power transfer to EV, a high-throughput optical condensation system, smart robot for industry, breeding crops for low-carbon society, and a new material search method for material R&D.

JST connect Webinar: The JST-Mirai Program: Innovative R&D for the future (Part III, IV)

 Date: 17:00-18:30 Monday, 2022/01/24

        17:00-18:30 Thursday, 2022/01/27 (UCT +09:00)

Organiser: Department of International Affairs, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)         

Language: English 



Development of Next Generation Sustainable Aquaculture System

NAKAYAMA Ichiro - Research Fellow, The University of Tokyo 

Future society opened by direct dynamic wireless power transfer to EV

FUJIMOTO Hiroshi - Professor, The University of Tokyo

Development of Minimally Invasive High-throughput Optical Condensation System

IIDA Takuya - Professor, Osaka Prefecture University


Development of Smart Robot for Revolution of Industry

OHNISHI Kouhei - Project Professor, Keio University

Biomass innovation by elucidating the principle of hybrid vigor

SAZUKA Takashi - Professor, Nagoya University 

MEEP; Materials Exploration space Expansion Platform

NAGATO Keisuke - Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

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*A Zoom link will be sent on the afternoons of 01/21 and 01/26. 

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