Financial Times ranks ESADE among the top 10 European business schools for executive education

04 Jun 2019 | Network Updates

ESADE is one of the top 10 European schools for executive education, according to a new Financial Times ranking that places the school in position #9 in Europe and #13 worldwide. The ranking recognises ESADE for its commitment to guaranteeing the academic excellence of its training as well as its innovative programme portfolio. David Dinwoodie, Director of Executive Education at ESADE, commented: “Our performance in this ranking reflects ESADE’s consolidation and the strength of our commitment to designing a lifelong learning journey that provides career-long guidance to professionals and companies, as opposed to an isolated, one-off relationship.”

In the open programmes category, ESADE Executive Education was ranked #7 in Europe and #16 in the world. In the customised programmes category, the school was ranked #9 in Europe and #14 worldwide. The ranking is based on the opinions of executive education participants and an assessment of the internationalisation of each business school. The British daily gave ESADE high marks for skills training and professional follow-up for graduates, categories in which the school was ranked in the global top 5.

The Financial Times ranking gave ESADE’s open programmes good scores in the areas of professional advancement, applicability of acquired skills in the company and learning experience (#1 in Europe); support and follow-up after graduation (#2 in Europe); and excellence of programme design and faculty qualifications (#6 in Europe).

Referring to ESADE’s strong showing in this category, Mr. Dinwoodie commented: “This recognition by the Financial Times underscores the importance of our efforts to offer innovative, high-quality education using our Student First methodology, which centres the needs of individual participants and addresses the current needs of executives and companies, for example through our hybrid executive master’s degrees – the In·On programmes – which combine online and face-to-face training.”

In the customised programmes category, ESADE Executive Education received high marks for its teaching methodology, ranking #8 in Europe and placing among the top 5 schools worldwide for international clients. This result highlights ESADE’s experience in globalisation and reflects the school’s support for companies engaged in internationalisation processes.

Constant adaptation to companies’ needs

“Business models are changing,” commented Mr. Dinwoodie. “Digital transformation entails more than the mere digitalisation of processes – it is a reinvention of our way of doing business. This reality makes it necessary for us to accompany professionals in their ongoing process of learning about innovation, strategy and leadership.”

During the 2017-2018 academic year, ESADE Executive Education had a total of 4,830 participants and invoiced €35 million. The unit offers a wide range of programmes, including some organised in collaboration with prestigious universities such as Wharton and Singularity University and non-academic institutions such as the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). This year, ESADE Executive Education introduced its first hybrid programmes: the In·On Executive Masters. In these programmes, 60% of content is imparted online and 40% is delivered face-to-face.

This release was first published 3 June 2019 by ESADE.

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