CERN launches environmental innovation programme

24 Feb 2022 | Network Updates | Update from CERN
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Could CERN innovation be used to tackle climate change and other environmental challenges? The new CIPEA programme aims to find this out, taking your ideas as the starting point.

Renewable energy, clean transportation, pollution control, climate monitoring, nature protection, green science ... Could your work at CERN and the technologies developed by your team help build a healthier and more sustainable planet?

The CERN Innovation Programme on Environmental Applications (CIPEA) is being launched to harness CERN’s innovation potential in environmental technologies. The primary objective of the programme is to encourage you, CERN experts, to come up with ideas for environmental applications based on CERN’s technologies, know-how and facilities. Hopefully, some of these ideas will give rise to impactful projects in collaboration with external partners.

Whether you specialise in energy-efficient cooling systems or innovative high-precision sensors, algorithms allowing more efficient computing or superconducting transmission lines that minimise power losses, your work at CERN helps develop new, disruptive technologies, sowing the seeds for our ecological transition.

Four main sectors with high impact potential and strong synergies with CERN’s technical domains of expertise have already been identified: renewable and low-carbon energy, clean transportation and future mobility, climate change and pollution control, and sustainability and green science.

On 8 March 2022, the CIPEA kick-off event will be an opportunity for you to find out about the programme and answer questions such as:

  • How can my work, the technologies I develop, my know-how and the facilities I work in address major environmental challenges?
  • How can I provide ideas for environmental applications and what type of support and resources can I expect to receive?
  • How can my ideas be used later by industry, other research institutes or budding start-ups to develop solutions for a more sustainable future?

Events will be organised throughout the year to inspire you and help you understand how to participate in the programme. This series of events will culminate in a CERN Innovation Day on Environmental Applications before summer, where the collected ideas will be presented to the CERN community and management.

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The CERN Innovation Programme on Environmental Applications is supported by CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group.

This article was first published on 23 February by CERN.

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