09 Jan 2019   |   Network Updates   |   Update from Tallinn University of Technology
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TalTech helps open Estonia's first 5G network

On December 20, Telia, TalTech, and Ericsson open Estonia’s first 5G network.

The network will serve as a testbed for innovation and research for industry partners and academia. TalTech University's scientists and students, as well as companies and start-ups can create and test solutions that require fast, high-quality data connection. The 5G network is a permanent installation using standardized and commercial 5G products.

TalTech's self driving car is one of the remarkable innovations that will soon navigate based on 5G technology using the benefits of high speed and low latency to communicate with the surrounding infrastructure.  

According to Kirke Saar, CTO at Telia Estonia, this event marks the launch of the fifth generation of mobile technology in Estonia.

We hope to see new and exciting future services and business models built upon 5G. Thus, different stakeholders are welcome to test the possibilities of the new technology at the TalTech University. It is the perfect place for this, combining technical knowledge, smart people and cooperation experiences with very different partners. Additionally, 5G technology supports our newly opened NB-IoT network which now has its first commercial user,“ Kirke Saar said.

According to the Rector of TalTech Jaak Aaviksoo, 5G is a brave step into the unknown. “It´ll open limitless opportunities for communication in virtual world. TalTech, Telia and Ericsson take this step together because we believe in the creativity of both scientists and students in using this platform and generating new ideas. 5G means a thousand steps into the future for the whole Estonia!”

Andrus Durejko, Head of Ericsson Estonia, says: “The launch of 5G network in Estonia using commercial and standardized radio and core products serves as an important step toward launching early commercial 5G services in the country. Building a 5G network in one of Estonia’s most creative environments, TalTech campus, demonstrates Ericsson’s and Telia Company’s joint commitment to drive innovation and the continued digitalization of Estonia.”

Today, the newly opened 5G network performed its first official task: 5G base stations installed on the university campus transmitted 4K live stream to this morning’s network opening party from the Tallinn Old Town Christmas Market, which was recently voted the best in Europe.

“As far as we know, up until now, 4K has never been transmitted live in Estonia or its neighboring countries, and our 5G network did an excellent job on transmitting the stream,“ Kirke Saar added.

Telia’s CTO also noted that Telia is planning and working on opening 5G for residential customers already next year.

This release was first published 21 December 2018 by the Tallin University of Technology (TalTech)

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