20 Sep 2017   |   Network Updates

New online portal explains the science behind bioavailable metals

NiPERA Inc., International Copper Association, and International Zinc Association, announce have released a new web-portal, Metals in the Environment

What is bioavailable metal? Watch the video to find out: www.metalsintheenvironment.com

The Metals in the Environment web-portal gives easy access to state-of-the-science information and tools on metal mixtures in the environment.

The new website has been developed in response to both the increasing attention on chemical mixtures from the global regulatory community and a growing body of knowledge in the scientific community. The Metals in the Environment site provides an accessible tool to help disseminate cutting-edge research and information on metals mixtures in the environment, providing input into hazard and risk assessment for metals.

The site provides scientifically robust information about metal bioavailability and metal mixtures for stakeholders of all levels of background and experience. It provides access to a spectrum of resources from animated videos on key concepts to fact sheets and scientific publications on metals bioavailability and mixtures.

Metals in the Environment provides clear and concise explanations about current understanding of metal-metal interactions and predicting the effects of metal mixtures on the environment. The website provides an overview of the latest peer-reviewed science on these subjects, developed and funded cooperatively by academic institutions, government, and industry.

Dr. Emily Garman of NiPERA said of the website release “The metals industry associations are committed to disseminating state-of-the-science information about the fate and effects of metals in the environment, both singularly and in mixtures. This website is a tool to aid in that goal.”

The website can be accessed at the following link:




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