KU Leuven, UCL partnership strengthens neurodegenerative research

28 Jun 2018 | Network Updates | Update from KU Leuven
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KU Leuven and UCL have agreed a Partnership Framework on Neurodegeneration to create a dynamic joint programme for dementia research.

KU Leuven has brought together its strong basic and clinical research of dementia disorders, with the basic research of VIB and the nanotechnology expertise of Imec. UCL is a global leader in research of neurodegenerative disorders and is the hub of the UK Dementia Research Institute, which aims to understand and treat dementia-causing disorders. The complementary expertise in KU Leuven and UCL will inform a fresh initiative to tackle the global challenge of neurodegeneration. The new partnership will develop and evolve over time, starting under the supervision of professor Bart De Strooper.

Potential initial projects may include studying the changes over time that occur in Alzheimer’s disease at a cellular and genome wide resolution; creating better humanised models for Alzheimer Disease; investigating neuroinflammation as a driver of neurodegenerative disorders; and screening for drugs.

The partnership between UCL and KU Leuven will create a strong platform that will be highly beneficial to dementia research.

Professor Luc Sels, Rector of KU Leuven commented: 'Breakthroughs in understanding and searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease are much needed. At KU Leuven Bart De Strooper’s lab plays a significant role in this endeavour. Today, accelerating progress requires intense international collaboration between leading research teams. The partnership between UCL and KU Leuven will create a strong platform that will be highly beneficial to dementia research'.

Professor Alan Thompson, Dean of UCL Brain Sciences said: 'There is complementary scientific, technological and clinical expertise in UCL and KU Leuven, and there are already several existing collaborations. This partnership will encourage further collaborative research to develop new treatments, interventions and technologies that will improve the lives of people living with dementia. Bart De Strooper is currently deploying the partnership’s research activities at KU Leuven and UCL. His relationship with both institutions and his position as UK DRI Director puts him in a unique position to build effective collaborations between UCL, KU Leuven and the UK DRI.'

This release was first published 27 June 2018 by KU Leuven. 

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