ETH Zurich is looking for licensing partner for O-tracing technology

20 May 2019 | Network Updates | Update from ETH Zurich
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ETH Zurich is looking for a licensing or collaboration partner for rapid and on-demand synthesis of O-17 and O-18 compounds for O-tracing

Oxygen-labelled peroxo-compounds are easily accessible using organosilicon reagents and only stoichiometric amounts of O-2.

Oxygen isotopes O-17 and O-18 are expensive. Yet their compounds are needed to trace processes in chemical experiments or in nature for a better understanding. In order to have a low cost production of oxygen-labelled peroxo-compounds (e.g. H2O2, (Me3Si)2O2, D2O2), the conversion rate of O2 to the desired compound has to be highly efficient. Invention H2O2 or (R3Si)2O2 are commonly used and very effective Otransfer reagents. These reagents can be produced from O2 and 1 or 2 and 3, respectively. The reactions run at ambient temperature and pressure and use only stoichiometric equivalents (1.0-1.3) of O2.

Features & Benefits

  • High yield of (R3Si)2O2 or H2O2 per O2 input
  • Easy handling in the laboratory scale
  • Easily accessible and stable organosilicon reductant

Fields of Application

  • Laboratory research
  • O-isotope tracing of compounds in nature, agrochemistry and life sciences Patent Status


“Activation of O2 by organosilicon reagents yields quantitative amounts of H2O2 or (Me3Si)2O2 for efficient O-transfer reactions”. K. Yamamoto et al., Helvetica Chim. Acta 2018, 101,e1800156. DOI: 10.1002/hlca.201800156

Technology Readiness level: 6

This release was first published 17 May by ETH Zurich.

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