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26 Nov 2019 | International News

The quickening pace of scientific and technological discovery is re-shaping policies, markets and economies around the world. Arm yourself with a regular new Science|Business briefing

Éanna Kelly, News Editor, Science|Business

In the world of science and technology, international collaboration is taking centre stage.

Across the globe, governments and multinationals are boosting their R&D budgets – more than doubling in the 15 years since Science|Business first began publishing. And a growing share of that money is going to cross-border collaboration.

A survey we conducted shows nearly two-thirds of research institutions now consider such international cooperation “vital” to their future.

With this regular international newsletter, launching today, Science|Business expands its news focus beyond the EU.

The first edition offers analysis of the shift to renewables in Norway, as part of a special focus on R&D in this important EU partner country. We also report on the internal EU debate over making Horizon Europe more international, and the re-emergence of a celebrated Russian research foundation onto the international scene.

The focus will switch to Japan on January 7, and a special feature on Canada will kick off our February 4 edition.

After that, we should run the following schedule:

  • March 3 – focus on Switzerland
  • April 7 – China
  • May 5 – South Africa
  • June 2 – Egypt and the Middle East more broadly
  • July 7 – South Korea
  • September 8 – India
  • October 6 – Israel
  • November 3 - USA
  • December 1 - Australia

Write to me at [email protected], if you have suggestions for future coverage.

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