01 Sep 2017   |   News

Amgen: partnership with health insurer Humana to improved health outcomes

US health insurer Humana and Amgen have teamed up to identify opportunities for improving health outcomes and efficiency using the real world health care experiences of Humana’s 13 million members.

Six projects are currently underway or planned, with more expected over the term of the agreement. The goal is to deliver increased value to patients and the health care system by improving quality and outcomes in the context of total health care costs.

The collaboration is initially targeting serious conditions including cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurologic disorders, inflammatory diseases and cancer. Researchers will combine available sources of real world evidence (RWE) with data from wearable technology, digital apps and Bluetooth-enabled drug delivery devices.

Planned research will identify patients whose serious medical conditions are likely to result in an adverse patient outcome, with the aim of developing algorithms that can predict risk and allow for early intervention. The partnership will look into specific therapeutic areas, from defining the burden of fractures caused by osteoporosis to understanding the impact of wearable technology on medication adherence for inflammatory diseases.

“The rising cost of disease is challenging the sustainability of our health care system in the US and is motivating innovators to urgently develop new therapeutic options and partner on opportunities to improve the quality and efficiency of care and reduce financial burden to the system,” said Joshua Ofman, senior vice president of Global Value, Access & Policy at Amgen. “It is our hope that this collaboration with Humana, a first of its kind for Amgen, will cultivate value-based, integrated approaches to care that will focus on patients and benefit the healthcare system more broadly.”

The partnership with Amgen will allow Humana to explore new ways to improve health outcomes for its members, said Laura Happe, chief pharmacy officer for Humana. “At the same time, we hope this research results in new tools and technology that support our provider partners who are on the journey to population health and value-based care.”

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