About the initiative

The problem

How good your healthcare is depends a lot on where you live. The degree of care, the efficiency of the system, the health budget, the state of technology – all affect your outcome.

If you are in Sweden, you have an 8.5% chance of dying after an acute myocardial infarction. In Hungary, it’s 18.8%, according to the OECD. Inside Germany, your odds of needed a second operation after hip replacement vary 18-fold from one region to another. Within Britain, odds of dying after bypass surgery vary four-fold, according to ICHOM.

The solution

We need better data about what works and doesn’t work in treating specific kinds of patients across Europe. From the data, we can develop standards for best practice in treatment: Which care pathways, which medicines and equipment, what kind of doctor and nurse training, what kind of hospital and system organisation work best?

A communications initiative across Europe

Healthy Measures is a multi-stakeholder communications platform to mobilise support for better, equitable and effective health delivery across the EU.

The key to that is a sharper focus on patient outcomes – measuring what works, and doesn’t work, in treating patients from one clinic, region and member-state to another.  For that, we need more experts – in industry, policy and academia – who help this effort grow across the EU, from one capital to another. Stakeholder groups need mobilising, and interconnecting, across Europe. The old silos in healthcare across Europe need to be dismantled.

Science|Business, a Brussels-based media and communications company, is catalysing action. It has launched a new online journal, a series of high-level roundtables in member-state capitals, and media/social media promotions across the EU. We are working with the thought leaders in the field – from academia, industry and policy. 

Our objective: To move this issue from talk to action, from debate to decision. And to make healthcare in Europe more effective, efficient and fair.

Representatives of our Partners serve on the Steering Committee to plan activities. They are joined by observers from the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.


    Simon Pickard, Network Director, [email protected]

    Lysiane Pons, Project Manager, [email protected] 

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