Become a member

W H Y J O I N ?

There are three key reasons for an organisation to participate:

1. Inspire new thinking and strategies to improve European Health. The new programme aims to make a tangible contribution to the debate around how cutting-edge scientific and health technology innovations impact on the way we regulate medicines and how they get to the citizens.

2. Raise your public profile as a leader in this critical domain. Your representative will help lead the planning, strategy and positioning of the group’s activities. Your experts will be invited to speak at events and contribute their work and insights to the various outputs which Science|Business will publish through its acclaimed news and social media channels. In early 2022, our conferences will be virtual due to COVID-19; but when in-person meetings resume, your institution may also host one of the main events by mutual agreement of the Steering Committee, bringing other experts directly to your organisation for networking.

3. Build new relationships with key policy makers, executives and scientists. In keeping with the tried and trusted Science|Business approach, this initiative will gather leaders and decision- makers from across sectors and stakeholder groups. Its events will provide new opportunities for your experts to extend their networks across Europe, beyond single fields or disciplines. And your designated representative will be in a unique position to capture insight and intelligence on latest practice from fellow members of the Committee.

For any further questions, please contact [email protected]