University of Tartu

The University of Tartu (UT) is Estonia’s leading institution of research and higher education. In the Times Higher Education New Europe Ranking 2018, it was ranked as the best university in the 13 countries that have joined the EU since 2004. UT is a driver of inclusive and sustainable growth and innovation in Estonia, Europe and globally.

As an influential research centre:

We belong in the top 1% of the world's most-cited universities and research institutions in clinical medicine, chemistry, environment/ecology, plant and animal science, geosciences, social sciences, psychiatry/psychology, pharmacology and toxicology, neuroscience and behaviour, biology and biochemistry, clinical medicine, microbiology.
The University participates in the formulation of European science policy through its membership of high-level research university networks, notably The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities, Coimbra Group, and the League of European Research Universities (LERU). We are also a member of four EU R&I Partnerships (Bio-based Industries, European Cybersecurity Association, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, Big Data Value Association) and three Knowledge and Innovation Communities within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Urban Mobility).

As a developer of research-based society:

We help to solve the challenges facing society. The UT is a strong partner for policy makers, providing crucial information needed for knowledge-based decisions in the COVID-19 crisis. Estonia is known for its digital society. Our researchers are developing practical applications for the use of big data in public sector services and efficient cryptographic schemes for future applications. Our researchers will make gene information a daily tool for general practitioners. Our innovative technologies for green energy and sustainable use of resources help to ensure a better living environment and preserve biodiversity.

As an accelerator of smart economy:

We are a development partner and consultant for businesses. We create a fertile development environment for start-ups and cooperation with industry. Our R&D service contracts amount to €13.8 million, and we have 58 spin-off companies (with more than 500 employees and a sales turnover of approx. €50 million) – including Crystalspace, which builds stereo cameras for NASA, and Synlab, which analyses 95% of COVID-19 tests in Estonia. Skeleton Technologies, which now competes with Tesla in energy storage technologies and ultracapacitors, started developing their technology in the labs of the UT. Overall, Estonia has the most start-ups per capita in Europe, and the majority of Baltic start-up founders are UT alumni.

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