Incentivising private R&D investments should be a key priority in EU’s next research programme, stakeholders say

22 Feb 2018 | Policy paper

The European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) along with its industrial research partners is urging the European Commission to continue its support to incentivising private sector investments in R&D and innovation.

The joint declaration argues that the EU’s next research and innovation programme should have “an appropriate design and budget” in order to achieve the ambitions of its renewed strategy for industrial policy.

The framework programme should also:

  • Maximise the societal impact of research and innovation
  • Strengthen the capacity of European industry to further absorb and scale up novel technologies and apply them in addressing global challenges.
  • Maximise the participation of industries of all sizes to promote a competitive RD&I ecosystem capable of better absorbing recently developed innovations and technologies for the benefit of the whole society.
  • Enable Europe to remain at the forefront of research and innovation by supporting the development of innovative technologies and skills which will address societal challenges and create new markets and new industries.
  • Support crossborder industry-driven collaborative research and innovation, which is needed to make the ongoing technological transitions a success for both European economy and society.
  • European publicprivate partnerships (cPPPs and JTIs) should continue to play a crucial role in leveraging private sector investments

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