26 Oct 2017   |   Policy paper

EU industry-research partnerships provide ‘unmatched value added’

Call for EU to continue funding for five public private partnerships in Framework Programme 9

Five EU-backed public private research partnerships in greener aviation, pharmaceuticals, hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, innovations in bio-based industries and air traffic management should continue to receive funding in the successor to Horizon 2020, Framework Programme 9.

Five industry and research associations involved in the partnerships, known as joint undertakings, make this call in a new position paper published on Wednesday. The five signatories are: AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe; Bio-based Industries Consortium; European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations; Hydrogen Europe and the Association of the European Rail Industry.

The five EU joint undertakings they contribute to – Innovative Medicines Initiative, Bio-Based Industries, Clean SkyFuel Cells and Hydrogen and SESAR – collectively represent 453 companies, 218 research institutes and university associations, and 48 national associations. A sixth EU joint undertaking, Electronic components and systems, is not a signatory. 

According to the position paper, the industry-research tie-ups “demonstrate unmatched value added” and “effectively structures sectors around strong ecosystems that deliver impactful programmes and innovations leading to European market growth, job creation, enhanced international competitiveness and benefits to society.”

The group argues that the partnerships have proven to be a strong investment, €8 billion of private investment raised, leveraged by €5.8 billion of EU funding.

The partnerships “demonstrate tangible technological developments that lead to faster product deployment, increased market uptake and scaling-up” and “keep investments in Europe and some also attract investments in innovation from outside the EU.”

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