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Towards FP9. The key role of frontier research for a more competitive and innovative Europe

As the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation is taking shape, the discussion around the role of frontier research, its funding scheme and the relationship with innovative research are among the most pressing topics within academic communities in EU Member States.

The Conference “Towards FP9. The key role of frontier research for a more competitive and innovative Europe” brings together in Pisa key European and national policymakers, scientists, the innovation community and the industry to reflect on the objectives of the post-Horizon 2020 R&I Programme. The angle chosen by the University of Pisa, the conference organiser, is the importance of ensuring adequate support to frontier research as the foundation for ground-breaking achievements and innovation, thus contributing significantly to the well-being of our society.

The event will present the state of play of the debate on FP9 with the contribution of key actors from EU, national and regional institutions.

The event aims at promoting a balanced view of the advantages and disadvantages of keeping frontier research and innovation in separate silos, engaging academia, institutions and industry in a discussion on the opportunities mechanisms to maximise the impact of transformative research on society and human’s wellbeing.

Besides promoting a partnering attitude between research and industry, the conference will also try to provide young scientists from the Tuscan R&I system with a vision and inspiration on how to go the extra mile towards scientific innovative results, by presenting visionary examples of blue-sky research in key innovative areas.


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Università di Pisa, Unità Servizi per la Ricerca - Direzione Servizi per la Ricerca e il Trasferimento Tecnologico

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