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Technology Strategy Board meeting

Science|Business Technology Strategy Board meeting from 10:30 to 11:30 CET (by invitation only)

There is a growing recognition that Europe must compete better globally in key technology areas, re-examine its ‘open to the world’ agenda at a more strategic level and put an urgent focus on security of imports of vital goods. The solution, according to European leaders, is to focus on technology sovereignty. However, the suddenness of this policy shift has created much uncertainty among companies in all industrial sectors, whether European or international.

Our flagship conference on Industrial R&D: Europe first? held on 8 September 2020 raised far more questions about this policy shift than answers. As a result, we are now forming a Technology Strategy Board’ to bring together thought leaders from policy, research and industry. On November 13th, the Board and selected guests (by invitation only) will meet for the first time to exchange views, identify strategic topics to be addressed in future events and reports.

Board Members
Maria da Graça Carvalho
Member, European Parliament
Yuko Harayama
Executive Director, RIKEN
Stefan Kaufmann
Member, German Bundestag
Antoine Petit
Chairman and CEO, CNRS
Luc Soete
Honorary Professor, International Economic Relations, School of Business and Economics; Former Rector Magnificus, Maastricht University
Practical Information

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