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Outcome-based healthcare: From policy to action and impact

A Science|Business Healthy Measures Half Day High-Level Roundtable


Outcome-based and patient-oriented approaches in medicine and health are experiencing a boost because of new opportunities arising from digitisation, information technologies and big data. By extension, outcome information (both medical and non-medical) is increasingly seen as vital for healthcare providers and patients to make shared decisions about the most suitable care or treatment.

In the past couple of years, the Netherlands has moved into the vanguard of countries seeking to embed these principles in policy frameworks, strategic planning and health system support services. It is also driving international collaboration around outcomes thinking and measurement through organisations such as the OECD, ICHOM and World Economic Forum.

Similarly, the Science|Business Healthy Measures initiative has since 2016 been investigating patient outcomes and health data as a driver of change and innovation in different European health systems. On April 4, it will convene its latest high-level roundtable in Amsterdam to discuss key success factors behind the Dutch transition to outcome-based healthcare, in a dynamic format of open and reflective dialogue amongst senior representatives from across the health stakeholder spectrum.


In October 2017, the leaders of four political parties in the Dutch Parliament released their new Coalition Agreement, which signalled that future policies – in particular those relating to curative care – would place increasing emphasis on patient outcomes. The Agreement also signalled that these commitments would not demand radical reform, rather a well-managed and -resourced process of continuous improvement, supported by the development of enhanced outcome indicators. 

Since then, the Netherlands has become a leading test-bed for outcome-based healthcare models and methods, translating political ambition into concrete action. A portfolio of pilot schemes and grassroots initiatives has been developed in support of a five year national plan launched in mid-2018 by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the National Health Care Institute (ZiNL). Through these agencies, the government continues to work closely with expert advisory groups and a wide range of stakeholders to develop key metrics and a robust knowledge base of what works, what can be scaled, and what needs to happen for outcome-based approaches to be streamed more effectively throughout the health system.


In light of these developments, the Science|Business Healthy Measures roundtable seeks to address a number of key questions regarding the advancement of outcome-based healthcare in the Netherlands, including:

  • What can EMA and other regulatory agencies learn from Dutch policies and initiatives to inform and inspire new approaches? What have been the critical success factors behind progress made to date?

13:00  - Registration & buffet lunch

13:30 - Welcome & opening remarks

13:35 -  Introduction

13:40 -  Opening keynotes: 

  • Outcome-Based Healthcare: What’s new in the EU agenda?
  • From Ambition to Action: A new national plan for the Netherlands

14:00 - Roundtable discussion: What lessons can be learned from the Dutch experience?

The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has defined a five year strategy (2018-2022) to further integrate outcome-based principles and practices in its national health system, building on the work done by the original value-based healthcare coalition. Ambitious initiatives such as Linnean, Santeon, VIPP and Zorglander are generating vital evidence of what works on the ground. What have been the key success factors so far, and can they be replicated or scaled in other countries? How can this intelligence be better shared and absorbed at EU / international level? What are the wider lessons for the single health market in the EU and supporting policies?     

14:45 - Coffee break

15:00 - Roundtable discussion: Patients, payers and providers at the heart of a more holistic approach

  • Framing and defining political objectives and processes
  • Managing stakeholder consultations and buy-in
  • Linnean initiative and mobilising expert advisory groups
  • Creating space for pioneers and innovators
  • Understanding the role of patient associations
  • Exploring the Santeon initiative @ hospital collaboration
  • Discussing the ways in which payers have been included in the process to date

16:00 - Coffee break

16:15 - Roundtable discussion: Measuring progress

  • Defining new metrics and approaches to data management
  • Links to OECD, WEF and other international platforms
  • Standardisation and interoperability of reference data sets
  • The future agenda for research
  • The role of digital, AI and emerging technologies

17:15 -  Conclusions

17:30 - End of roundtable & Reception


Moderators:  Monica Dietl, Senior Advisor & Simon Pickard, Network Director, Science|Business


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