How to get the Framework Programme and Cohesion funding working better together

Joint Science|Business and EUA roundtable

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There are mounting suggestions that Europe world benefit greatly if these two funding programmes better exploited the synergies possible between research/innovation and regional development. Several efforts have already begun, in the context of Smart Specialisation, Seal of Excellence, and more. But to date progress has been slow.

Why? What can be done, going into the EU's next long-term budget?
How to get the Framework Programme and Cohesion funding working better together?

These are the questions we would like to examine on March 7, from 15:00 to 17:00, in Brussels.  It will be a gathering of about 30 experts with knowledge of this issue - a joint effort of the European University Association and the Science|Business Network. We intend this to be a useful, practical, and timely contribution to both programmes. The discussion itself will be held under Chatham House rules, but the conclusions will be published in the Science|Business news service.

Katja Reppel
Deputy Head of Unit, Smart and Sustainable Growth, DG REGIO, European Commission
Koen Jonkers
Deputy Head of Unit, Knowledge for Finance, Innovation and Growth, JRC, European Commission
Lidia Borrell-Damian
Director for Research and Innovation, European University Association (EUA)
Karel Haegeman
Scientific Project Officer, JRC; Coordinator, Stairway to Excellence project, European Commission