Deep Tech and the future of European R&I

Sponsored by: INESC
03 Jan 2022 |

Deep tech is one of the hottest topics in R&D today, with many believing it could play a critical role in solving a range of global problems, and in driving Europe’s green and digital transitions. In a new Science|Business mini-series of three podcasts, created in partnership with the INESC Brussels Hub, we explore why, and how leading scientific organisations are so keen to harness deep tech’s vast potential. 

In our first episode, we sit down with João Claro, chief executive of INESC TEC, Portugal’s leading R&D and technology transfer organisation, to understand how he approaches the challenge of managing deep tech innovation, and why he believes it may hold a key to the future of European research and innovation.

This podcast has been developed in partnership with the INESC Brussels Hub. To follow the Hub’s own podcast series, “The Insider”,  please click here.

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