Science|Business Database: Coronavirus Funding Opportunities

This database is no longer being updated.

As a service to the global R&D community, Science|Business has compiled this database of funding opportunities. Users are encouraged to let us know of funding calls that could be incorporated into the database. Please email all suggestions to [email protected]. The database will be updated daily. For rapid news about COVID-19, see our live blog.

Fighting COVID-19 in developing countries

Date added: 06 Jul 2020

Research must address COVID-19 in developing countries in at least one of the following fields: policy and practice to understand and recover from COVID-19; manufacturing and adoption of wide-scale interventions; gathering of data and resources fo

80% of the full economic cost for UK participants, 100% for LMIC participants
Agency or Funder
The Global Challenges Research Fund and the Newton Fund
Eligibility (if available)

Organisations from the UK and countries on the OECD DAC list of ODA recipients. Principal investigators not from the UK must have held a UKRI grant in the past three years

Foreign participation? (where known)