Regional policy

How to build research infrastructures with regional funds

The largest piece of EU science infrastructure in Eastern Europe is also the first to be built – at a cost of €300M - with structural funds. Money was not an issue, but rules for constructing roads and railways don’t work for research facilities

15 May 2018

Call for shake-up of EU’s huge regional development fund

The multi-billion euro programme for modernising the EU’s poorest regions is a pile of rules, forms, and duplication. “We became more complicated and more complex every time we spoke about simplification,” concedes EU Regional Commissioner Corina Creţu. “We cannot justify it”
13 Jul 2017

SMEs: regional policy to the rescue?

After the proposed Small Business Act, now it’s the turn of the European Commission’s wealthiest department – the regional policy directorate – to do its bit for SMEs.
09 Jul 2008