Collaboration is the critical ingredient in cell therapy

There’s a one word answer to removing bottlenecks identified in the recent House of Lords report on translating stem cell science into effective therapies, and that’s Collaboration. “It’s a no-brainer,” says leading researcher, Fiona Watt
17 Jul 2013

Changing the face of science

ACES winner Mendeley is revolutionising the way research is done – using cloud computing to create the largest crowd-sourced library in the world. Its software lets academics organise and annotate journal articles, and share and discuss their work with researchers around the globe

15 Mar 2012

Opposing forces

University technology transfer and commercialisation is a delicate balancing act, calling for scale and a global outlook on one hand, and intimate knowledge and continuous contact on the other, says Keith Robson, Chair of SETsquared.
17 Feb 2011