Poland to rework research assessment scheme

25 Jan 2023 | News

First results of a new approach to research assessment introduced as part of reforms to bring its higher education system into line with EU standards led to multiple appeals. Earlier this month an expert group met education minister Przemysław Czarnek, to consider improvements

In 2018, Poland adopted the Constitution for Science, a major reform of the higher education system aiming to bring it closer to the EU standards. As part of the reform, new criteria for research assessment were introduced.

That led on to the publication of the results of the first assessment carried out in the four-year cycle in August 2022. The standing of each discipline in each institution was evaluated on three major criteria: the quality of research output; securing external research funding; and the impact on society and economy.

The results are classified from A+ to C. While the evaluation is carried out by the Science Evaluation Committee, the Ministry of Education makes the final decision on which classification a particular discipline falls into.

That matters, because the classification affects the degree…

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