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Technology Strategy Board LogoScience|Business has taken the decision to examine technology sovereignty as a major project through to September 2021. Key to this project is the formation of a high level Technology Strategy Board that is helping to transform expert knowledge into strategic priorities and concrete actions.

Technology Strategy Board Members

  • Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member, European Parliament
  • Yuko Harayama, Executive Director, Riken
  • Stefan Kaufmann, Member, German Bundestag
  • Antoine Petit, Chairman & CEO, CNRS
  • Luc Soete, Former Rector Magnificus, Maastricht University


There is a growing recognition that Europe must compete better globally in key technology areas, re-examine its ‘open to the world’ agenda at a more strategic level and put an urgent focus on security of imports of vital goods. The solution, according to European leaders, is to focus on technology sovereignty.

‘Faced with the "technological war" being waged by the United States and China, Europe must now lay the foundations of its sovereignty for the next 20 years.’ Thierry Breton, Commissioner, Internal Market (September 2020)

However, the suddenness of this policy shift has created a great deal of uncertainty among companies in all industrial and R&D sectors, whether European or international.

Our sector-wide research has revealed that there needs to be more clarity about what technology sovereignty is, why it is being proposed and how it would be implemented. Furthermore, the Technology Strategy Board has agreed that the key underlying issue at stake is how to strengthen technology in Europe and define more clearly the conditions under which technology will thrive, as well as how a confident Europe can both collaborate and compete on the global stage.

Current actions

With the support of the Technology Strategy Board, we have launched an open declaration calling for a rethink on how to handle international partnerships and draw the difficult lines between protected and open innovation for the benefit of humanity.

We are actively seeking views and reactions to this declaration in order to shape further events and activities. For more information and to comment visit this page.

For more information about membership of the Technology Strategy Board email [email protected]