12 Mar 2020   |   4 pages   |  

Who will get hired in the AI age?

The kinds of skills needed to make artificial intelligence work in the real economy may be closer to plumbing than rocket science, say experts at Science|Business roundtable

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Applying artificial intelligence and other advanced digital technologies in the real economy isn’t a job for tech nerds. Instead, Europe needs more people who can combine a deep knowledge of industry sectors with some expertise in data analytics.

That was the verdict of guests at a Science|Business roundtable on digital skills, hosted by Sorbonne University’s Center for Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) in Paris on 23 January 2020. The event was part of a series of events and publications by Science|Business as part of its Digital Skills project.

Conversations about AI’s impact on the labour market often assume it will create jobs for a small elite of tech nerds, while destroying many more conventional roles. But the roundtable participants argued there will continue to be strong demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge of particular industries, supplemented by enough tech-knowhow to be able to apply the digital tools the boffins have built.