18 Jan 2012   |   16 pages

How to plan Europe's energy future

At the third in a series of high-level academic policy debates on the energy R&D challenge, The Energy Difference, key ideas and recommendations have emerged on how to plan a sustainable and cost-effective energy future for Europe.

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Researchers, academic policy experts and commission officials gathered in Brussels on 23 November to explore a systems approach to energy innovation at a Science|Business symposium entitled How to Plan Europe’s Energy Future, the third in a series of academic policy debates on research and innovation in new energy technologies, supported by BP. The half-day symposium highlighted a case study of the energy R&D model developed by the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), a public-private partnership formed in 2007 to accelerate the development of sustainable energy technologies. The ETI model case study launched a broader discussion about the benefits and challenges of taking a systems-based approach to energy innovation in a country or region.