17 Jul 2019   |   20 pages

Europe's content industries: New opportunities for storytelling, funding and technology

Europe's creative and cultural industries are big, important and growing fast. How can EU programmes help? A Science|Business workshop, supported by the European Commission, gathered suggestions. Here are the results. 

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Table of contents

How to create a European advantage…

Chapter 1: What’s new in this industry?

  • Cultural creative sector economic indicators relative to other industries
  • Cultural and creative sector value added at factor cost 2016, millions of euros
  • Cultural creative sector share of total employment, 2015
  • The nature of demand has changed Market and data concentration weakens producers’ hands
  • The European market is fragmented VR, AI and other technologies

Chapter 2: New initiatives

  • Horizon Europe
  • Creative Europe
  • Digital Europe
  • InvestEU
  • Audio-visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)
  • Copyright Directive

Chapter 3: Challenges for the industry

  • Tech and culture don’t mix
  • The sector needs better access to data
  • European companies lack scale
  • The audience isn’t listening

Chapter 4: Conclusions