23 Mar 2021   |   2 pages

Circular Europe: Are Horizon’s missions a potential game-changer?

The ultimate mission: A circular economy

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One of the most discussed features of Horizon Europe has been the inclusion of five ‘moonshot’ missions. Yet mission-oriented innovation has been influencing another strategic EU policy area for several years: the transition to circular economy (CE). With four of the five Horizon missions having clear relevance to the circularity agenda – climate change, adapting cities to global warming, protecting oceans, and soil health – how can Europe’s CE experience to date strengthen their design, delivery and impact?
In this expert workshop a group of senior stakeholders explored a range of potential answers – from the best funding and governance models for societal transformation initiatives, to frameworks for “crowding in” private investment and the valorisation of grassroots innovation – which will help to determine whether or not Horizon’s missions ultimately succeed.