Coventry University’s Polish campus comes of age with first graduation day

20 Sep 2023 | News

The campus opened in 2020 after Brexit made it harder for EU students to go to the UK. From an initial cohort of 12 the university expects to enrol 180 – 200 students in the coming academic year

Graduating students from Coventry University Wroclaw's first cohort, who began in 2020. Photo: Coventry University Wroclaw

The first cohort of 12 students who joined Coventry University’s Poland campus in 2020 have now graduated, marking a success for the university that had to contend with a pandemic and a competitive marketplace in its early years.

The campus was opened in Wroclaw as the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, which hampered efforts to recruit students. But the 12 first graduates are leaving behind a far busier campus than the one they joined, with the university anticipating enrolling between 180 to 200 students in the coming academic year.

“When I look back at the past three years, opening up a new university in such a competitive place with a big academic tradition, you just need to get through and I think we did this,” said Jacek Lewandowski, campus director of Coventry University Wroclaw. “Whenever I hear about interest from a…

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