Science agencies in 8 countries join forces to fund €61M in climate research

04 Jun 2024 | News

Broad coalition of science funders led by Canada highlights an increasingly common model for coordinating international research funding

Carleton University in Ottawa. Photo: Harleyd613, Wikimedia Commons

An unusual coalition of funding agencies from eight countries announced C$90 million (€61 million) in grants for 32 international teams of researchers studying ways to mitigate the global effects of climate change.

The awards, led by Canada’s research agencies, will be devising ways to manage flooding as sea levels rise, mitigating food and water scarcity as temperatures rise, and researching a wide range of other economic, social and environmental consequences of climate change.

Though the grants aren’t huge by international standards, the multi-country mechanism for them is unusually broad – and a possible template for other forms of cross-border research.

“It is rare to have a…