Austrian FP9 Think Tank: Focus the money on key priorities

12 Jan 2017 | News
Austrian R&I leaders offer some early principles for designing the next Framework programme.

Some of the best-known names in Austria’s research world come together to form a “think tank” for Framework planning. Their first paper lays out 10 general principles on how to design FP9 to make it more efficient and effective. These include focusing the money on a limited number of top priorities, rather than scattering it widely. Also, they suggest better links with EU Structural Funds, better programme monitoring and intelligence, and stronger links with non-EU researchers.

From the text:

“Contributing to the grand societal challenges of our times and bringing science closer to the people should be main objectives of FP9…The Future Framework Programme needs to focus on a limited number of priority areas both in a competitiveness pillar and in a societal challenges pillar. These priority areas should be given the appropriate budget in order to create critical mass, high visibility and strong impact in general.”

The full report is available here.

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