Tekes renews funding services to strengthen companies' export capabilities

06 Apr 2016 | Network Updates | Update from Business Finland
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Tekes reinforces its research and development funding by introducing new funding services for growth companies.

With the new funding services, Finnish startup companies and SMEs can explore demand in a new international market, develop leadership and organisation and improve innovation capabilities.

The Planning for global growth funding (KKS) for startup companies is now called the Tempo funding service. Tempo funding is intended for startups that have been operating for under 5 years and that aim to enter the export markets. With the funding, the company can test the functionality of the business concept, obtain feedback from potential customers, explore demand in a new international market and rapidly implement the first demos or prototypes.

Kiito funding for small and medium-sized companies and midcap companies

The Planning for global growth funding for SMEs has been changed to Kiito funding service. Kiito funding enables companies to develop a strategy for international growth, map out demand on the export markets and develop leadership and organisation.

Innovation expertise in support of international growth

The new Into funding offers a growth company an opportunity to develop its innovation capabilities systematically. With the funding a company can buy in the best possible consultancy services to strengthen its innovation expertise. It can also acquire industrial rights or hire an expert from a research organisation or large company on a temporary basis.

Research and developent funding for midcap companies

Tekes research and development funding offers new opportunities for midcap companies. Midcap companies are large companies whose turnover is a maximum of €300 million. Midcap companies can apply for Tekes R&D funding to the same levels as large companies, but Tekes doesn't ask them to conduct as close cooperation with SMEs and research organisations as other large companies.

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