Yonsei University opens innovation hub – Inspired by Aalto Design Factory

22 Apr 2015 | Network Updates
Yonsei University, Korea is opening a new innovation hub in Seoul.

The facility, which has been named Design Factory Korea, applies methods based on Aalto University's Design Factory and the Finnish Aalto University has assisted in the planning and implementation of the project. Design Factory Korea will serve as a learning hub for experimentation in which students collaborate with industry partners on challenging projects that are based on passion-centered learning. Its purpose is to create for industry, students and facility new educational and creative collaboration in Korea.

At Design Factory Korea, the focus is to create a multicultural interdisciplinary platform. Like Aalto University’s Design Factory, it brings students and companies from both profit and not-for-profit sectors together so that they can join forces and share ideas. 

Design Factories both in Finland and other countries have proved to be attractive platforms both for cross-disciplinary learning and for collaboration with companies and other partners of universities. The unique hands-on, very international and open working culture of Design Factories helps universities and their partners advance innovation and entrepreneurship, says Hannu Seristö, Vice President of Aalto University.

Originating from Aalto University, Finland, Design Factory concept is currently brought to 6 countries (Finland, Australia, Switzerland, Chile, China, and now Korea). Joining the factories in other countries, Design Factory Korea creates a new culture that fosters creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship in students and generates new possibilities for international collaboration for industry partners. Design Factory Korea is housed at the Yonsei University’s International Campus in Incheon.

Aalto University has a wider collaboration plan with Yonsei University. Design Factory Korea offers a good point of contact for business and stakeholders in Korea and a concrete example of activities advanced by the institutions.

From left to right: Tuula Teeri, President, Aalto University; Kap-Young Jeong, President,Yonsei University; Matti Heimonen, Finnish Ambassador to South Korea.

Additional information:

Meri Vainio [email protected]

See more: http://www.aaltodesignfactory.fi/; https://dfk.yonsei.ac.kr/

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