03 Nov 2010   |   News

Max Planck Innovation licenses software for analysing metabolites in foodstuffs

Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH has licensed the TagFinder software developed by the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology in Golm. This software forms part of a new method for analysing metabolites in foods such as fruit and vegetables, for quality control.

In contrast to existing methods, which can only identify a handful of metabolites, TagFinder can identify hundreds of metabolites in a sample, using high resolution mass spectrometry to create a typical decay pattern for each metabolite.

These patterns, in effect a fingerprint for each substance, are then matched with the extensive mass spectra database of Metabolomic Discoveries.

“For a long time, identifying vast numbers of metabolites in a sample was a major problem in metabolomics. With this software we are now able to offer our customers a highly accurate and robust analysis of hundreds of known and unknown metabolites,” said Nicolas Schauer, CEO of Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH.

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