29 Jan 2007   |   Network Updates

Télécom Paris promotes spinout companies at exhibition

Télécom Paris, a leading French school for information and communications technology engineers, is promoting its spinout companies at the Salon des Entrepreneurs in Paris from 31 January through 2 February.

The school has, for the past several years, been one of the most active of France's Grande Écoles in incubating spinout companies. With its two incubators, in Paris and Sophia Antipolis, it has created 80 spinouts and 700 jobs, it says.

Spinouts displaying at the exhibition in Paris include:
    -Nais, a software spinout founded last year. It is selling software to help doctors reduce the cost of chronic-care treatment, and is developing a system for farm management.
    -Peuplade.fr, a four-month-old Web 2.0 company for Parisians to make contact with each other for events and other activities.
    -Navx, a 2005 spinout that provides tourist information and other data over global positioning satellite phones.
    -Airtag, a 2006 software spinout that provides "near field communications" technology to manage billboard and other forms of sign marketing.

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