Galapagos: five-year agreement with US EPA

24 Apr 2007 | News

Management agreement

Galapagos NV said it UK-based services division BioFocus DPI agreed a five-year €6.3 million compound management agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The work is part of EPA’s ToxCast Program, which is assessing and prioritising chemicals which have an environmental impact.

Under the agreement, BioFocus will acquire, analyse, store, format and deliver specific compounds to a variety of sites selected by the EPA. The total size of the collection will be determined at the EPA’s discretion.

In separate announcement BioFocus entered into a new drug discovery collaboration with AstraZeneca plc, the second programme between the two companies under an agreement signed in August 2006.  n this new collaboration, BioFocus will perform medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and supporting biology services for an AstraZeneca drug discovery programme. Total contract value is €620,000.

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