29 Apr 2007   |   News

Augmentra seeks £500K for GPS navigation tools

Investment Opportunity
Augmentra Ltd, which specializes in the development of location-based mapping, navigation and information solutions for smart mobile devices, is seeking early-stage investment to develop its GPS personal navigation tools for tourists and sailors.


“We are currently seeking early stage investment funding and are in the process of talking to potential investors,” said Craig Wareham, director of Augmentra.  “This funding will be used in three areas (a) to promote our consumer ViewRanger product and to expand the handset platforms that it is available on; (b) to provide resource to support the development and expansion of our DataRanger product with both our existing and other partners; and (c) to complete development of our Virtual Eye technology upon which our Panoramic Mapping functionality is based.”


The company, which combines mobile phone, imaging, and GPS technologies, focuses on the outdoor activity, leisure and travel markets to provide outdoor navigation for tourists, walkers, cyclists, or sailors.


ViewRanger is Augmentra’s off-road sat-nav application used by active outdoor enthusiasts and search and rescue team members.


DataRanger is Augmentra’s technical platform used to create innovative solutions for international partners in the travel and leisure markets.  


Augmentra is based in Cambridge, UK and till now has been funded by the founders and via revenue.

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