19 Jun 2007   |   News

VTT to develop new methods for making bioactive paper products

Partnership Opportunity

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is looking for partnership to develop its bioactive paper technology over the next five years.

Scientists at VTT are developing new methods to mass produce bioactive paper products such as filters for identifying and removing environmental allergens from cars and homes.  Other applications could include papers test-kits to reveal contaminants in swimming pools or drinking water.

“We are interested in partners that have established relationships with value chains that could benefit from applications built on bioactive paper (e.g. in customer packaged goods, diagnostics, pharma, environment control), and parties which could join us in early seed funding of possible start-ups,” said senior researcher Tomi Erho, “We are still open to all forms of collaboration at this stage. However, as VTT is Finnish public entity, our preference is to commercialize our technologies in a manner which will build long-term commercial value also for Finland - through VTT and/or Finnish businesses.”

The sensitive paper is based on the biomolecular reactions of enzymes or antibodies which can be used as indicators or sensors in filters, food packaging or personal health test-kits.  The paper is cheaper than current products and is biodegradable, which boosts its sustainable development.

A VTT-led research project, BioAct, is being carried out over the next two years to gather knowledge for this intelligent fibre-based technology.  The project is supported by research partners including Åbo Akademi, HUT and the University of Lapland and is funded by Tekes, VTT and seven industrial companies.

“The bioactive paper developments are not yet at commercialization stage. However, during the duration of the BioAct project, we will in parallel be conducting supporting research, business and product development, explained Erho, “Particularly for the latter we are interested in partnerships that help us build a product portfolio that could act as a basis for a new venture in this field. The required size of investments would have to be further specified.”

Erho added, “VTT actively seeks channels of commercialization for the technologies we develop. We actively develop and build IPR around the technologies, systems and processes we develop.  Through VTT Ventures we license IPR and/or proactively seek start-up possibilities. We are open to exploring multiple different channels to market.”

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