Direvo sees market launch of co-developed enzyme

30 Oct 2007 | News

Collaboration result

Bioengineering specialist Direvo Biotech AG of Cologne, Germany, announced the launch of its first modified enzyme, and the first fruit of its collaboration with the Danish food ingredients giant Danisco A/S.

The product, a significantly improved phytase enzyme, was developed with Direvo’s high throughput, robotic screening and directed evolution technology. Phytic acid is the main phosphate storage molecule in plants. Phytase enzymes release phosphate from phytic acid and have applications in multiple industrial markets.

“This is the first enzyme derived from Direvo’s technology platform to reach the market, and we are extremely proud to see this further validation of our approach,” said Anindya Mukherjee, Executive VP Industrial Biotechnology.

Last month Direvo raised €12 million in a third-round private funding.

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