05 Dec 2007   |   News

New collaboration between Ipsen and Erasmus MC in endocrinology

The pharma company Ipsen SA of Paris extended its alliance with the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.

The Erasmus Research Institute for Neuroendocrinology (ERINE) was established with funding from the proceeds of the sale by Erasmus MC of a patent application to Ipsen, disclosed in January 2007.

Ipsen and the ERINE research teams work together to identify and validate targets and screen compounds to generate lead candidates for further development. All joint inventions will be owned by Erasmus MC with Ipsen having an exclusive option to license and commercialise them.

“Erasmus MC is one of the leading academic centres in the treatment of endocrine diseases” said Jacques-Pierre Moreau , Chief Scientific Officer of Ipsen. "It is gratifying for Ipsen to have the opportunity to be associated with a group of world class scientists with whom we intend to collaborate closely in the search for novel therapeutic concepts and products for the treatment of endocrine conditions such as diabetes and obesity.”

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