Isis Innovations adds 11 new technologies

02 Apr 2008 | News

Submitted by ISIS Innovation

The following technologies have recently been added to the Isis Innovation portfolio. For more information or to arrange a conversation with one of our project managers please e-mail: [email protected]

International Finance Index
A comprehensive and reliable quantitative macro-financial tool that measures the development of global financial activities.

Efficient Transmission Scheme for High Speed Wireless Systems
A novel method to reduce interchannel interference in multi-channel wireless communication systems with no additional hardware cost and system complexity.

Anti-Thrombotic Treatment
A potential new anti-thrombotic drug target and therapeutic.

Stable Enzyme Electrode for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells benefit from a new laccase-coated electrode that gives better lifetime and higher efficiency.

Peptide Vaccines for Infectious Disease and Cancer
A new approach to generating effective vaccines quickly and inexpensively in response to the emergence of new pathogens.

Prognostic Test for Breast Cancer
Quantification of a single microRNA can be used as a reliable prognostic marker in breast cancer ensuring patients receive the most effective treatment

Low Water Bioreactor
Oxford researchers have developed a more efficient platform technology to produce esters and peptides in a controlled, environmentally sensitive & economic manner.

Efficient Computational Method for Financial and Meterological Applications
An efficient, flexible and inexpensive method to compute Singular Value Decomposition for a large data set.

New Technologies from University of São Paulo

Isis Innovation is delighted to feature selected technologies from the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Catalysts for Biodiesel Production
New catalysts for the cost effective production of environmentally friendly low carbon, low emissions biodiesel fuels.

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Lubricants
New castor oil plant based biodegradable, environmentally friendly cutting fluid for lubricating industrial processes.

Drug Carrier for the Treatment of Cancer
A new drug-carrier system for administration of photosensitive agent for the treatment of skin cancer resulting in reduced side effects.

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