17 Jun 2009   |   Network Updates

ParisTech announces its Scientific Council

The ParisTech board has approved the composition of its Scientific Council. Made up of scientists from the world of research and business, the Council’s remit is to boost the scientific excellence and international influence of ParisTech’s research activities.

It will mainly give advice on: scientific and technological forecasting activities in ParisTech’s fields of interest; research strategy and its implementation via transversal inter-university cross-disciplinary programmes; the policy of scientific association with partners on a national, European and global level; activities of promotion and technology transfer of programmes; the synergy between training and research.

Members the ParisTech Scientific Council are:

  • Alain Aspect. Director of Research at CNRS Institut d’Optique; Professor at Ecole Polytechnique; Member of Académie des Sciences; Member of Académie des Technologies

  • Yves Bamberger. EDF director of Research and Development; Member of Académie des Technologies

  • Bertrand Castro. Vice President, Scientific Director Industrial Affairs Sanofi-Aventis

  • Peter Chen. Vice President Research and Corporate Relations at ETH, Zurich

  • Claude Gaillardin. Head of Microbiology and Food Chain Department at INRA

  • Wendy Hall. Professor of Computer Science at Southampton University; Commander of the British Empire; Member of Royal Academy of Engineering

  • Pierre Haren. President and Director General of ILOG; Member of International Advisors Group at Belfer Center in Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government; Member of Advisors Group to the Dean of The Harris School, University of Chicago; Founder member of Académie des Technologies; Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur

  • Gérard Jaqoen. Professor at Chimie Paris, ParisTech Director of Mixed Research Body CNRS/ENSCP

  • Jean Jouzel. Director of Pierre-Simon Laplace institute Director of Research at CEA

  • Daniel Kaplan. Director of Fastlite company; Member of Académie des Sciences; Member of Académie des Technologies

  • Daan Lenstra. Dean of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and IT at Delft Technological University

  • Pierre-Louis Lions. Professor at Collège de France; Professor at Ecole Polytechnique; Member of Académie des Technologies, Member of Académie des Sciences; Fields medal

  • Stéphane Mallat. Professor of Applied Mathematics at Ecole Polytechnique

  • Christine Petit. Professor at Collège de France Professor at Institut Pasteur, Director of the ‘Genetics and Physiology of Hearing’ unit at Institut Pasteur and UMRS587 Inserm-Paris 6, Member of Académie des Sciences

  • James Rice. Professor in Engineering Sciences and Geophysics at School of Engineering and Applied Sciences – Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at University of Harvard

  • Robert Watson. Director of Strategic Development, Tyndall Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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