€218M round of FP7 grants for security research

24 Jun 2009 | News

Funding opportunity

In July the European Commission will launch the next, €218 million, round of Framework Programme 7 funding for security research.

Information about the programme can be found on the Security Research Information Service, a website launched last week as the entry point for organisations interested bidding for the funds. The website offers information, guidance for newcomers and partnership opportunities. It also provides access to the SEREN network, offering advice and co-ordination of transnational collaboration among the European security research community.

Commenting on the launch of the website, Marco Malacarne, Head of the Security Research and Development Unit in the Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, said, “The goal of European security research is making Europe more secure for its citizens while increasing its industrial competitiveness. Through the funding of international collaboration between academia, industry and end-users, the EU can stimulate synergies and help overcome market fragmentation in this area.”

Examples of projects to date include Seamless Co-operation for Crisis (SECRICOM), which seeks to integrate the communication systems of the various emergency services into a seamless and secure system during crisis situations.

The €3.6 million AMASS project is developing an autonomous maritime surveillance system, while COCAE is focusing on intelligent systems for detection of the chemicals used in explosives.


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