09 Dec 2009   |   News

CAVI raises funding for next generation online retailing system


A team of entrepreneurs from Hamburg who have developed a next generation online retailing system has secured long-term financing for their company, CAVI, in a round led by Munich-based investor, Kalmund Capital.

Using the system, viewers watching a film on the internet – a video clip of Madonna, say – who decide they like the megastar’s jeans or top can simply click on the dancing Madonna and place an order for the same pair of jeans, without navigating away from the video.

CAVI claims this as a revolution in online shopping. CAVI founder Dominik Reisig, a 23-year-old entrepreneur, says the innovation will raise internet commerce to a whole new level. “Our development transforms online videos into virtual sales spots. From now on, the range of products and services offered by fashion, music, and lifestyle providers, is not only quickly accessible to consumers, but can be purchased right on the spot.”

CAVI will enable portals and social networking sites to make money from the huge volume of traffic they generate. Existing videos and clips in the process of compilation can easily be integrated with the company’s inVideo shop application. Customers are therefore able to purchase via a video not only products such as clothing and fashion, cosmetics, CDs and MP3-players, but also services such as insurance and holidays.

New investor Stefan Kalmund says, “CAVI is not only introducing a new phase in online shopping, it also represents the sales generator par excellence, which is gradually replacing the declining classic forms of advertising on the internet and represents a milestone in the advertising industry.”

Reisig said, “We have the necessary know-how to take on the big brands on their own terms. The results of negotiations with well-known music labels and TV channels at this early stage are very positive. It is quite possible that many established competitors will be surprised by the shock waves caused by our market entry.”

Find out more at http://www.cavi.tv.

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