03 Mar 2010   |   News

Heriot Watt: Multi-channel integrated optical Sensors for network monitoring

Licensing opportunity | Investment opportunity

Researchers at Heriot Watt University in Scotland have developed a manufacturing process for high performance network interrogators with applications in civil engineering, aerospace and chemical sensing.

The sensor chips are compact, lightweight and have no moving parts, making them highly robust and suited for harsh environments, such high pressure or high temperature or applications where there is excessive vibration.

Prototypes will be available in April/May 2010.

The sensing technology offers a small footprint, highly accurate low power alternative to bulky spectrometer based solutions for analysing stress, strain, temperature or chemical fingerprint signals from Fiber Sensing Networks across multiple markets.

The team now seeks investors and commercial partners or end users for the technology with a view to forming a spinout targeting identified opportunities around August 2010.

For more information, visit the project's website: http://www.dios.hw.ac.uk

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