16 Jun 2010   |   News

Low-cost statistical tool to predict oil-well flow-rates and connectivity

Licensing opportunity

Scientists at Edinburgh University have developed software called Coffers, which provides independent information about oilfield well connectivity and can be used to complement existing reservoir models.

Understanding structurally complex reservoirs presents many challenges to reservoir engineers. One problem is establishing the connectivity between wells to plan injection strategies and obtain maximum oil recovery.

The Coffers reservoir modelling software uses a simple statistical technology to rapidly provide flow-rate forecasts and oil well connectivity statistics. The software uses readily available historical injection and production data to filter and identify the most significant flow-rate correlations within 2-3 hours, on a standard desktop computer.

Given steady operating conditions, Coffers can then be used to forecast the production rate up to three months ahead. The method can be used to improve reservoir description, identify geo-mechanical effects and to inform on infill well placement.

The low cost of the system means it can be used alongside existing tools for the strategic development of existing reservoirs.

The software can be applied to entire reservoir management, to maximise oil extraction, identify fluid flow paths and optimise infill well locations.

In a number of North Sea field trials, Coffers has shown how geo-mechanical effects can influence production. Correlations in observed flow-rates are consistent with simulations from geomechanical models, with near-critical stress and display associations with faults and fractures.

Patent applications have been filed and Edinburgh University is seeking commercial organisations interested in licensing the software to develop and sell it as a commercial product. The project team is available to provide consultancy and to demonstrate the use of the technology.

For more information, visit the project’s page at: http://www.university-technology.com/details/low-cost-statistical-tool-to-predict-oil-well-flow-rates-and-connectivity

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